Fibox ARCA Enclosures – Where The Whole Is More Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Fibox ARCA enclosureBased on a powerful concept attributed to Greek philosopher Aristotle, Fibox Design Engineers have developed and produced even more innovative configurations to enhance the scope of their ARCA range, and delivered a definitive enclosure system which not only combines inspired Finnish innovation with pleasing aesthetics and exceptional service, but offers OEM’s a ready built series of enclosures with added value, that are suitable for virtually all harsh and demanding industrial applications.

By putting the constituent parts together into the final product, Fibox have escalated the value of the ARCA range, significantly.

ARCA Swing handleWhen it comes to specifying enclosures for electrical applications in harsh and demanding environments, it’s not simply a question of choosing a rugged looking box as conventional steel enclosures offered in the past. Engineers and maintenance personnel need to keep in mind that this isn't always sufficient with today's technology, especially when there is a need to provide visual control monitoring.

In today’s high tech industries, Designers, Specifiers and Electrical Engineers must ensure they fully understand IP protection ratings, in line with the implications of introducing fundamental modifications to enclosures, some of which are required to house components used in Control Panels and Monitoring equipment, where the need for transparent windows; or where easy access  to internal components is essential.

Designed to house electrical controls, instruments and fragile components that may require unrestricted viewing of the gages or ready access to Fibox ARCA with windowcontrols, Fibox have added a range of high IP rated window and locking options to their highly demanded ARCA range; ideal for use in areas which may need regularly hosing down or are positioned in very wet, dusty or oily environments.

Due to the locations of some of these cabinets, and the vital contents they house; the cabinets have to be robust and easy to clean, yet water tight as well as having to be securely locked. In choosing the ARCA range, many specifiers have already recognised the versatility of the Glass Reinforced Polycarbonate material; with cost effectiveness a major factor. Add to that the fact that the cabinets comply totally with water and other utilities specifications, their ease of assembly, and their aesthetic design coupled with the wide range available, and the fact that they are much lighter and easier to work with than bespoke stainless steel enclosures, ticks all the boxes.

The saying, "the whole is more than the sum of its parts", summarizes the ARCA enclosure range nicely.

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