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Fibox ARCA Performs In Unusual Surroundings

Fibox ARCA EnclosureIt really shouldn’t come as any great surprise that the Fibox ARCA range of electrical cabinets have been chosen by a number of industrial manufactures to house and protect a diverse range of products that customarily are marketed outside the boundaries of the traditional electrical products market.

Designed for simplicity and efficiency, and incorporating the highest standards in GRP production for reliable use in harsh, rugged and demanding environments, the ARCA enclosure system regularly outperforms those of steel in conventional environs and now acts as a recognisable flexible option for many more unconventional applications.

Substation Lifesaving kitThese applications range from enclosures that house ANPR monitoring stations in exclusive London car parks, cabinets that control batch feeding in the agricultural industry, to totally non-electrical applications like Substation Lifesaving kits; housings for fire extinguishers on-board the decks of luxury boats, and latterly as a premium solution for unconventional applications like purpose built cabinets designed to allow quick access as well as secure storage for vital lifesaving Automatic External Defibrillators (AED’s)

Steve Gallon, Fibox UK Managing Director explained, “The unintended use of products has been going on as long as new products have been made; it’s just seems that of late, certain manufacturers; recognising the intrinsic quality of the ARCA range, appear to have had other uses in mind!”

“The lesson here is that no matter what need or purpose a new product was designed to fulfil; customers are not always going to use them in the way initially imagined. However, just like conventional ‘electrical industry’ specifiers, the capacity for functional, utilitarian, or physical performance is still paramount.”


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