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ABB’s New Protecta Plus MCB Distribution Board Saves Time And Effort For Electrical installers

ABB protecta plusProtecta Plus gives installers and designers flexibility to cover all applications, from standard installations to complex sites.

Available in kit form for over-the-counter supply, the latest generation sub-distribution solution from ABB has been tailored to meet the specific needs of all segments of the building industry. Contractors can add options to meet customer specifications or order a fully customized solution from ABB’s Low Voltage assembly workshop.

Functionality, flexibility and safety are central to the range, which can incorporate ABB’s latest low-voltage technology, such as high-performance MCBs (rated up to 25 kA and 100 A in a standard 18 mm format), MID (Measurement Instruments Directive) approved metering, total board current monitoring system (CMS), the latest RCBOs with contact position indication, earth trip indication window and 15 kA ratings, Furse surge suppression devices, quick safe surge protection and the latest DIN-rail products. Protecta Plus boards also meet the latest market requirements for vertical / horizontal power, lighting and services monitoring. Building solutions providers can use Protecta Plus to give greater flexibility to meet customer needs while complying with the latest industry standards.

Kevin Lenton, ABB’s Product Manager for distribution enclosures said: “Protecta Plus brings together ABB’s significant recent advances in low-voltage technology. Combined inside the Protecta Plus, these offer electrical contractors greater flexibility to get the job done and meet the demands of their customers.”


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