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Schneider Electric Launches Three-step Energy Management

Schneider Electric Smart PanelsSchneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, has introduced the Smart Panels system to foster sustainable energy savings in small to midsize buildings, such as public and commercial offices, retail premises, and hotels.

Founded on Schneider Electric energy management principle of ‘measure, connect, and save’, Smart Panels are a simple-to-deploy solution that addresses the urgent need to cut energy costs and meet regulations for green buildings. ‘Measure’ is the first step where energy consumption metering at source is automated.

Over the last decade, Schneider Electric has revolutionised low voltage switchboards technology to produce Smart Panels that are intelligently embedded with metering, control, and communication capabilities. It not only simplifies daily operations, but also eliminates the traditional error-prone manual data gathering. On the second step of ‘connect’, Smart Panels use reliable, simple to install and use displays, and Ethernet and Modbus interfaces on the Enerlin’X communication system.

As facility managers need access to energy analyses to execute the third step of ‘save’, the company says that on-site real time monitoring and control (On a touch screen display connected to Ethernet or on a PC display with common browser) and on-line Energy Management services (StruXureWare Energy Operation) are the user-friendly solutions that help deliver energy savings and identify areas for continuous energy efficiency.

A cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, Energy Operation is cost-effective and users have access the tailored-to-audience reports from anywhere and at any time for informed actions to meet energy goals.

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