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Eaton Introduces New Features for its xEnergy Range of LV Switchboards

xEnergy SwitchboardPower management company Eaton has announced six important enhancements for its popular and versatile xEnergy range of modular low-voltage switchboards.

The new features are: a space-saving side-by-side mounting facility for circuit breakers, an IP42 ingress protection option, components to ruggedise systems for use in earthquake zones, enhanced arc protection options, new installation kits for fixed equipment compartments, and a wide range of innovations for motor control sections.

“The xEnergy system allows panel builders to produce high-performance design-verified low-voltage main distribution boards easily and cost effectively,” said Bernhard Gegenbauer, Product Line Manager at Eaton. “A major benefit of the system has always been that it could be readily configured to meet almost any customer requirement. There were, however, still a few applications that were difficult to satisfy but with our new enhancements we can now address most if not all of these. The xEnergy system has always been versatile, but now its versatility is unmatched!”

With the new xEnergy side-by-side feature, two Eaton IZMX16 air circuit breakers, two NZM3 compact circuit breakers or two NZM4 compact circuit breakers can be mounted in a single compartment of an xEnergy switchboard, while maintaining Form 4b internal separation. This reduces costs, as well as making possible significant space savings that will be particularly valuable in retrofit applications where the space available to accommodate new switchgear is often very restricted.

In the past, xEnergy systems have been available with either IP31 or IP55 ingress protection ratings, but Eaton has now added an IP42 option, with the additional benefit that this can be retrofitted as an upgrade to existing switchboards. The IP42 option includes door, back wall and roof panels that incorporate fine mesh filters to maintain ventilation while preventing the entry of foreign bodies. The filters can be removed for easy cleaning without taking the switchboard out of service.

Producing switchgear resistant to earthquake damage has, in the past, been particularly challenging, but the new earthquake protection kit from Eaton makes it much easier. The kit comprises brackets specially designed to strengthen xEnergy enclosures. With the brackets fitted, these have been successfully tested in line with IEC 60068-3-3: level AG2 and AG5, UBC Code: zone 4, IEEE Std. 344: class 1E (OBE @ AG2 and SSE @ AG5), IEEE Std. 693: moderate level (0.25g) and high level (0.5g).

The new arc-protection components for xEnergy switchboards provide enhanced safety for demanding applications. They include doors and cover plates that have been designed to direct the hot gases from an arc out of the top of the enclosure, special burst-resistant safety catches for the doors, internal penetration seals, arc relief valves with no fly-away parts, and insulating arc barriers for fitting adjacent to the main busbars to guard against holes being burned in the enclosure walls.

For the fixed equipment (XF) sections of xEnergy switchboards, Eaton has introduced new installation kits that increase the available mounting depth by 200 mm, from 275 mm to 475 mm. This means that type NZM3 and NZM4 compact circuit breakers can now be fitted as Type 4b assemblies.

Motor control equipment for the xEnergy system has received a major upgrade that includes the introduction of withdrawable assemblies with hinged front plates, a new coding system that prevents the insertion of withdrawable assemblies into the wrong compartment, timesaving pre-wired control terminal connection blocks, catch hooks to prevent withdrawable assemblies being accidentally pulled out completely, and enhanced support for the SmartWire-DT connection system that virtually eliminates the need for conventional control wiring.

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