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Custom Locking Solutions For Railway Applications

locking solutionsThe friendly engineers at EMKA are well aware of the varying needs of industrial markets worldwide – the Railway industry of course is one in particular where they have both a standard product and significant custom design focus.

Of course, custom design is applicable to large and small production quantities, but is always targeted at achieving the best lock, latch, sealing solution for rail related applications.

Typically, this may include use of stainless steel, IP sealing to a high level, possibly a spring-loaded insert cover to exclude dirt in service. Flange fittings, rear fittings, special cams, special inserts, custom barrels, adjustable depth mounting and special flanges are common requests.

Mainstream ex-stock locks are generally suitable of course for mainstream applications – for example, the EMKA compression latch with optical opening indicator for flush mounting. This item provides rear fixing for added security, visual open/close indication for easy status checking, adjustable depth mounting to suit different door thicknesses, compression action to ensure full compression of the gasket and is also anti-vibration to prevent nuisance opening. All with multiple cam solutions and sealed to IP65.

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