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EMKA High Performance Stainless Steel Hinges For Specialist Enclosures

stainless steel hingesStainless steel is of course known for its robust strength under arduous corrosive conditions and that is exactly why EMKA chose it for their program of specialist cabinet/enclosure hinges.

Their range of internal/external screw-on/weld-on designs are specifically developed to complement stainless steel or non-metallic enclosures in frequent wash-down areas or in marine environments.

Users of housings for electrical or electronic control/distribution equipment will benefit from application of stainless steel hinges which can lift-off – or have removable hinge pins - or simply provide an extra level of security by virtue of enabling a flush door construction with narrow gaps to discourage attack with tools/pry bars etc.

EMKA stainless steel hinges are complemented by their wide selection of stainless steel locks from quarter-turns to swinghandles.


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