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EMKA IP40/IP65 Cabinet Swinghandle System With Swappable Cylinders And Internal/external Rods

1325 cabinet swinghandle systemThe EMKA 1325 swinghandle system is an IP40/IP65 modular design which readily facilitates resetting of lock formats at any stage – from profile half cylinder to electromechanical round cylinder or insert lock. There is also a padlockable version available.

The 1325 program includes a simple escutcheon, a swinghandle with rod lock capability within the multi-point door seal area, and a wide escutcheon swinghandle variant which enables use of multi-point flat rods outside the door seal area.

This maximises useable mounting space on the door itself as well as permitting especially narrow door frame sections to maximise door aperture - it also provides a larger escutcheon aesthetic for instructions/branding or similar.


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