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Easy Cable And Conductor Guiding For The Control Cabinet Door From Phoenix Contact

phoenix contact cgsThe CGS cable guiding system with the swivelling arm from Phoenix Contact facilitates the safe routing of conductors, cables, and cable harnesses to the control cabinet door or to the swivelling mounting frame.

The swivel joints – pending patent approval – can be opened and closed without the need for tools so that the cables can be inserted through the joints along with the connectors and fed through. This is easier and saves time compared with installation using cable conduits.

The cable guiding system is designed primarily for standard lines and cables with assembled connectors. It prevents damage to cores when opening or closing the door because the movement and bending are predefined by a swivel range of up to 180°. The covers offer additional protection and conductor bundling. The strain relief is ensured using conventional cable binders. Large-surface marking options on the cable bridge ensure a clear layout.

In contrast with cable conduits, the cable guiding system can be planned and visualised in the CAD system. Cable lengths are therefore predefined and can also be planned.


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