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Spelsberg Shows Its True Colours For Superior Customer Service

When CCTV equipment is in public view, aesthetics can be as important as functional requirements. So when APC Concepts wanted special coloured electrical enclosures it turned to Spelsberg UK, knowing it could expect world class support and service.

CCTV systems can consist of many parts if they are to provide visual coverage over a wide area or in a built up environment. Further, some of the cameras and lighting may be mounted in places, such as on the outside of buildings, where they can be seen by people as they pass by.

This gives the public a sense of confidence in the security of the building and also helps deter potential miscreants. However, it also brings an element of aesthetics into the installers’ requirements; while the camera and lights can be visually interesting, their cabling and electrical enclosures tend to look less attractive.

APC Concepts is one of the UK’s major suppliers of CCTV and related equipment. Based in Warrington, it is particularly active in the north of England and has helped create security and safety at many different customers’ sites. It recognises that installers can add value to their systems if they can improve the visual aesthetics. Notably, standard grey electrical enclosures can appear visually jarring in certain locations, so APC Concepts contacted Spelsberg UK to see if an alternative could be developed.

Spelsberg UK is a manufacturer of electrical enclosures and accessories and the UK arm of the German company, Gunther Spelsberg GmbH. With well over 100 years experience in the design and manufacture of water and dustproof enclosures, Spelsberg has a reputation for quality products and the highest levels of service extended to customers, the latter often including the production of special products.

Spelsberg and APC Concepts have been working together for many years and a strong rapport is enjoyed between the two companies. One of the main things that Spelsberg supplies to APC Concepts is products from HP range of enclosures. These are high volume, price competitive items, made of polypropylene and provide IP55 ingress protection for electrical equipment and junctions.

Spelsberg’s David Mills says: “Normally we are primarily concerned with functional details, such as size, weather protection rating and opening requirements.

“Most of our enclosures are destined for installation in working environments and are often hidden from general view. However on CCTV jobs, they are sometimes mounted in more prominent places, such as on the side of buildings where people can see them. This brings an aesthetic dimension to the decision making process when selecting enclosures. The HP enclosures are usually a standard product manufactured in volume, but we were happy to look at options.”

The HP series from Spelsberg are a robust design, certified to IP55 as standard, and come with either a snap-on or a screw-on lid. They are manufactured from halogen-free, flame-resistant polypropylene and offer heat resistance up to 100degC. The range is available in a selection of standard sizes and are supplied with a terminal block where required.

The HP enclosures come in a standard colour of light grey, which actually looks good in many installations because it does not stand out yet complements most colour schemes. However, in December last year APC Concepts asked Spelsberg if it was possible to get black HP enclosures.

David knew that such units were not made, but promised to look into it straight away. A phone call was made to the head office in Germany and a positive response was immediately forthcoming. The idea was certainly technically possible; the only issue was that volume of product to be made.

“It was not long until we had a trial batch of 3,000 units delivered to APC Concepts,” recalls David. “They started showing them to their customers and got a very positive reaction. So the first production order was placed for 10,000 black HP enclosures and APC enthusiastically promoted them on their website and directly to customers.

“We knew we were onto a winner straightaway, and in fact all 10,000 were sold out within a couple of months. A second order was soon being put into production.”

APC Concepts now has both colours in stock, helping the company maintain a competitive edge over its rivals. Spelsberg was able to provide this level of customer service because David knew that its manufacturing operation is flexible enough to respond quickly yet big enough to cope with the extra requirements placed on it.

“It is great to have this sort of backing,” he says. “If a customer makes an enquiry – or even a wishful comment, I can be confident that Spelsberg has both the will and the capabilities to respond in a productive way.”


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