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EMKA Guide To Custom Sealing Profiles

EMKA Custom Sealing ProfilesThe latest EMKA product guide details their in-house production of custom sealing profiles for cabinets, HVAC and general industrial purposes.

This guide explains the materials they use, along with the processes and machinery which enable them to meet a wide range of international standards and an even wider range of individual customer specifications.

EMKA have led the market in development of over 1500 sealing sections including fixed lengths, vulcanised rings and frames, vulcanised corners, as well as taped lengths and application of lubricant varnish. Carrier sections using meshed tape and metal reinforced strips and textile yarn are included, as well as a flock coating if called for by the application. The guide may be downloaded at www.emkablog.co.uk/custom-made-sealing-profiles.


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