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Mersen Launch Custom-made Air-to-air Heat Exchangers for Commercial and Industrial Enclosures

Air-to-Air Heat ExchangerMersen announces the addition of custom-made Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers to its cooling portfolio.

Mersen’s Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers are an ideal cooling solution for industrial enclosures in which heat-generating semiconductor switching devices such as IGBTs or SCRs are located.

Mersen’s Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers are designed to move warm air away from the enclosuret, then cool it by passing the air through a specially designed sealed heatsink, and finally re-direct the cooled air back into the enclosure. This simple yet efficient method completely isolates enclosure air from the external environment by creating a sealed self-contained closed loop cooling solution where no outside air (dust, pollutant, moisture) can enter the interior of the enclosure.

Mersen’s heat exchangers have no moving parts thus providing long operational life. They are custom designed to customer’s exact specifications and are assembled in Canada.  

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