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Edward Dewhurst Ltd - Specified FIBOX ARCA For Lighting Project

Fibox ARCA enclosureFibox was delighted to learn that their state-of-the-art ARCA enclosures had been specified to house the critical components installed in the new approach lighting system recently installed at the City of Derry Airport, located on the south bank of Lough Foyle in the North West of Ireland.

The Fibox ARCA enclosures were purchased from Ilecsys, Stockport, and installed by Airfield Services, a division of Edward Dewhurst Ltd, a family owned, private company which for over 100 years has worked tirelessly to build a solid reputation within the electrical engineering industry. Airfield Services supplied and installed the new Approach Lighting, Cables, Poles, Isolating Transformers and Cable management/containment onto the new gantry which serves the airport’s 26 runway.  The series circuit isolating transformers and primary connections were installed into Fibox ARCA enclosures to protect the delicate electrical systems from the harsh weather conditions over the Lough and provide ease of future maintenance for airport technicians.
Airfield Services now has an ever expanding list of successfully completed projects at airfields and airports throughout the UK and beyond. City of Derry Airport in the North West of Ireland provides a vital air access link for the local community and performs a pivotal role in the economics of the region.

Installers and Panel Builders who are supplying equipment for use in extremely harsh and demanding environments are now aware that for the first time there is now available a high grade glass filled polycarbonate alternative to sheet steel cabinets which will corrode in such adverse conditions.

Steve Gallon, Fibox’ Managing Director in the UK explains “ The market has been telling us for a long time that there is a need for a viable alternative to the thousands of sheet steel enclosures being installed every year in environments for which they are simply not designed. ARCA took 2 years to develop and we firmly believe we now have a range which has all the features of sheet steel but all the benefits of high grade thermoplastic.

In the short amount of time ARCA has been on the market, the diverse applications for its use are already very encouraging. From remote control system cabinets in the water/waste industry to ANPR monitoring stations in exclusive London car parks. From controlling batch feeding in the agricultural industry to totally non-electrical applications like a Substation Life saving kit, and for housing fire extinguishers on the decks of ships, the list is growing.


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