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New EMKA Stainless Steel L Handle for padlock and stainless door/cover stay

stainless steel L handleThis new 1000 program stainless steel L handle from EMKA is both highly corrosion resistant and designed to accept a padlock for security.

The AISI 316 handle features a padlockable mechanism below the L, further restricting access to the lock and enhancing security. The advanced properties of AISI 316 make this handle especially suited to offshore or coastal environments or other applications subject to saline/chloride exposure.

Alongside this new L handle EMKA now offer an internally mounted 1050 program door or cover stay in AISI 3014, which provides a locking mechanical prop to support heavy covers, or doors subject to wind forces when open. The 1050 stay is an important safety device in the protection of service personnel and to restrict door movement and consequential damage.


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