Most Comprehensive Swinghandle System From EMKA For Cabinets Large Or Small

1150 swinghandlesLeading enclosure/cabinet hardware manufacturers EMKA are delighted to announce that their 1150 program of industrial swinghandles is the most comprehensive in their range.

With IP ratings of IP40, IP54, IP65 and IP66, these rugged locking handles offer the OEM panel builder a complete package from the 80 and 120mm versions for enclosures through to the main range of 160mm and 200+mm handles for round or flat rods on large cabinets.

The 1150 program incorporates some 17 modular formats including digital combinations, padlockable and electromechanical activation for remote operation.

Standard industrial requirements are well satisfied with zinc-die or reinforced polyamide construction, but where vandalism is a possibility the stainless steel versions provide extra protection to RC2 and WK2 levels if required.


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