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Eaton’s UK Manufactured Pre-Configured Consumer Units Gain Industry Favour

Eaton Consumer unitPre-configured consumer units from power management company Eaton are growing in popularity.

Manufactured at Eaton’s specialist plant located in Holyhead, Anglesey, UK, the Factory Built Assemblies (FBAs) can come ready to install with all components in place and branded to the customer’s requirements, thus saving contractors valuable time on site. Based on Eaton’s Memera range of consumer units, the FBAs are appealing to electrical contractors serving in a wide range of industries including housing associations, halls of residence and hotels.

Eaton’s FBAs can be pre-configured for a specific project or for continued use. They can be delivered ready to install, with fitted components such as circuit breakers and RCBO’s, as well as control devices including meters, timers, contactors and relays along with any internal wiring and instructions.
“By providing pre-configured consumer units we can provide contractors with a product that simply requires the incoming and outgoing connections to be made and it is ready to work,” Phil Williams, Product Marketing Manager at Eaton, explains. “They can be prepared with devices simply clipped to the DIN rail for convenience or they can be fully pre-wired internally ready for installation. As well as the standard Eaton range of modular devices, we also have the capability to pre-fit and interconnect energy meters, both MID and non MID approved types equipped with local digital or LCD display, which can also provide pulsed or Modbus output for data capture purposes.”

The Holyhead factory, which also produces MCBs and RCDs, is capable of manufacturing 250 FBAs a day and all the prime processes are carried out in-house including mouldings and pressings. This allows the company to provide an end-to-end bespoke service. Also, as bespoke units are delivered direct from the factory to UK customers, lead times can be significantly reduced.

Eaton’s well-established Memera range offers both moulded and metalclad units for surface and flush mount applications. All of the units have the ability to accommodate a wide range of ancillary and comfort function devices and comply with BSEN 60439. They are also IP30 rated and meet the requirements of the 17th edition of the wiring regulations.

For the electrical contractor, the metering applications of FBAs are particularly useful for multiple occupancy dwellings, such as student accommodation, where the landlord is required to collect individual metered energy usage. The FBAs also give the reassurance that all the required components will be supplied as a complete package, thus saving assembly and installation time. Also, if the pre-configuration includes the fitting and wiring of devices such as RCBO’s, this can further reduce site labour costs such as preparing and terminating the ends of trimmed neutral wires and the fitting of bus bars etc.  

While for the end user, whether that is a housing association or hotel, they are highly configurable both in features and branding. They can also include useful information such as helpline numbers and maintenance instructions.

“Customisation of consumer units can provide great benefits to installer and clients alike,” Phil adds. “They can help to ensure that a site or project is equipped in a consistent manner, ensuring that all materials are supplied together efficiently and with reduced installation costs.”

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